Corporate Litigation

We serve our clients in a multidisciplinary way, with coverage in the most diverse locations, always prioritizing the knowledge of the business and total proximity to the legal realm.

Our work begins with a deep immersion in the client for an analysis and individualized action in each process. That way, we guarantee customized solutions to meet the expectations and needs of each company. We guarantee our performance throughout Brazil with qualified network of professionals fully prepared by the office.


We focus our work on specialized support in the defense of labor lawsuits. Through a direct channel of communication with our clients’ Personal Department, and a deep study of the nature of their business, we analyze the best alternatives in the search for solid and consistent results.

Fields of Operation:

  • Negotiations and disputes with labor unions, Regional Labor Departments, and the Public Prosecution Office for Labor Issues;
  • Creation of defenses and appeals against infraction notices drawn up by labor inspection agents and/or the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Investigatory Procedures and Civil Inquiries;
  • Participation and council in hearings before the Regional Labor Departments, Public Prosecution Office for Labor Issues, and Preliminary Conciliation Commissions;
  • Total assistance in signing Terms of Conduct Adjustment (TAC);
  • Defense in civil public cases and in compliance cases;
  • Defense in labor legal cases of all types;
  • Defense for labor claims in every jurisdiction level;
  • Analysis of risks involved in lawsuits and contingency plans for different amounts;

  • Action plan in the lawsuit execution phase.
  • Comprehensive mapping of labor lawsuits against the company.
  • Prohibitory injunctions and strike disputes;
  • Payments into court;
  • Third party motions;
  • Writs of mandamus;
  • Relief from judgments;
  • Oral arguments;
  • Comprehensive assistance for expert evidence and securities settlements;
  • Negotiation of large labor liabilities.

Consumption Relationship

We have solid experience in representing large national and multinational groups in the Consumer Law area.

Fields of Operation:

  • National representation in civil litigation proceedings (Common or Special Justice);
  • Defense in claims and lawsuits for consumers claims, individual and/or collective;
  • Public civil cases and Class Action Suits;
  • Guidance on specific issues and defense of corporate interests before consumer protection agencies (Procon);
  • Follow-up of administrative processes before representative bodies (INMETRO, ANVISA, CONAR, DPDC);
  • Terms of conduct adjustment before consumer protection bodies in all spheres of the federation;
  • National representation in civil litigation proceedings (Common or Special Justice).

Recovery of Credits and Assets

We have a dedicated area that works together with the legal area to seek the collection of unpaid amounts. The anticipated search for assets and the search for alternatives that enable collection allow greater agility and reduction of costs. Our differential is the accomplishment of all the registration and risk analysis, for the purpose of judicial recovery of the credit if friendly collection is not successful. We work with an intelligence center that guarantees service throughout Brazil and the implementation of strategies aligned with the client’s objectives.

Fields of Operation:

  • Registration and risk analysis for the purposes of judicial recovery of the credit if friendly collection is not successful;
  • Extrajudicial collection along with the analysis of the feasibility of collection through judicial proceedings;
  • Verification of legal documentation;
  • Registry and solvency of the debtor;
  • Early search for assets and the search for alternatives that improve collection;
  • Settlement of judicial measures aimed at constricting assets: attachment, unavailability of assets, sequestration, among others; Execution action, Monitoring action, Collection action or Bankruptcy/Insolvency application;
  • Service throughout the country through the Action Center – CDI;
  • Special treatment to the creditor company in judicial reorganization proceedings.


We act in administrative and judicial procedures, questioning the taxes required in the municipal, state, federal, and social security spheres.

Fields of Operation:

  • Assistance with tax foreclosures;
  • Assistance with administrative tax procedures;
  • Statements of inconformity, objections, and administrative resources;
  • Repetition of undue payment, annulling action, motions for a stay of tax foreclosure, and provisional remedies.
  • Representation before administrative agencies;
  • Filling of Writs of mandamus, seeking to ensure rights;
  • Promotion of actions that seek to recognize tax credits or illegal collections;
  • Representation before Superior Courts;
  • Declaratory actions that seek the recognition of tax installment maintenance;
  • Strategic action in the management of large Tax liabilities, including those subject to the Special Regime.


Our corporate area is composed of multidisciplinary professionals, committed to strategic legal advice covering a broad and contemporary range of corporate operations. We have strong experience in litigious cases of successful corporate dissolution in several completed cases.

Fields of Operation:

  • Directing partial dissolution or corporate extinction proceedings;
  • Directing judicial litigation related to the withdrawal or departure of a member and/or administrator;
  • Filling or defense of Liquidation Appraisal Actions;
  • Arbitration in the resolution of corporate judicial conflicts in general;
  • Indemnification actions for damages caused to the company or the remaining partner if the managing partner is removed;
  • Accounting actions;
  • Defense of the interests of the company and its partners in case of its irregular discharge or depersonalization of the legal entity;

Real Estate

Representation for legal requirements related to real estate business during purchases, sales, leases and co-ownership. Our extensive experience with leading players in the market ensures unique industry expertise.

Fields of Operation:
Purchase and sale

  • Strategic action with the real estate agents in legal actions that postpone the return of the brokerage commission, reparations for failure while providing services, cancelation of the purchase and sale agreement with the construction company, financing refusal, or if it is a real estate purchase from a sales office.
  • Collection of brokerage commission in the case of exclusion of real estate agency in a sale that was generated through its intermediation.
  • Enforcement of securities such as contracts, checks and/or promissory notes regarding commissions.
  • Defense or filing of Annulment Actions, Claims, and Termination Actions;


  • Extrajudicial notification to try to collect the debt;
  • Dialogue and negotiation with delinquent accounts;
  • Search for assets of the debtor and guarantors;
  • Issuance of an opinion detailing the best alternative for credit recovery;
  • Coercive measures such as protest, sequestration, and others;
  • Eviction Notices with or without tenant collection;
  • Taking possession;
  • Eviction actions by repossession;
  • Rent and property fee collection;
  • Rent review actions;


  • Settlement of lawsuit right at the beginning of the establishment of the debt;
  • Contact with court officers to monitor and expedite compliance with warrants;
  • Clearance with judges and advisors in order to expedite the demand, avoiding more burden to the creditor due to the lethargy of the Brazilian courts;
  • Speed up the trial of the occurrence before the Court of Justice;
  • Anticipation of deadline fulfillment for official summons;
  • Speed in the request for property expropriation;
  • Obtaining discounts of the necessary legal publications;
  • Recommendation of a partner auctioneer who can speed up the property auction process;
  • Search for interested parties in the purchase of goods through specialized partnerships;
  • Speed up survey of amounts charged.

Agribusiness Law

We have specialized professionals with strong experience in structuring operations involving the agribusiness sector. Our deep knowledge of the segment allows us to act strategically on a wide range of issues.

Fields of Operation:

  • Search and seizure actions for grain/seeds;
  • Credit recovery actions with national reach;
  • Defense of agribusiness interests in general civil demands;
  • Representation in litigation involving contracts of raw-material origin (leasing, rural partnership, and supply);

Digital Law

Since 2015, we have been working in partnership with Patricia Peck Pinheiro Advogados, the most recognized name in Digital Law in Brazil. Through this alliance, we offer legal solutions aimed at conflict resolution in judicial and extrajudicial matters.

Fields of Operation:

  • Feasibility opinions and presentation of legal strategies for legal demands;
  • Investigation of authorship and liability survey (anonymous e-mail, infrastructure intrusion, offensive posts);
  • Search and seizure for data and equipment (civil and criminal);
  • Removal of improper content and websites (Brazil and abroad);
  • Combat against misappropriation, theft, and leaking of information;
  • Combat against unfair competition;
  • Incidents involving the poor use of corporate resources, as well as the unauthorized use of the brand on the internet;

  • Combat electronic fraud and other digital crimes;
  • Elaboration of incident response procedures;
  • Servicing cases related to online consumers;
  • Assistance with digital expert opinions (technical assistants);
  • Legal support for compliance with related legislation, following regulatory frameworks, public consultations, and institutional relations with governmental authorities.