In order to provide our clients with specialized service in specific disciplines, we have built strong alliances with offices, consultancies, companies, and associations that can, based on our performance model, offer valuable knowledge to our clients.


CDI is a Partnership Network of certified and qualified attorneys to carry out all kinds of legal and administrative hearings and diligence. It was created to assist companies, law firms, and autonomous professionals, through the centralization of the legal support operation with control of information and documents. CDI >optimizes legal support throughout the country with quality and dynamism. Click here to learn more.


Since 2015, we have been working in partnership with Patricia Peck Pinheiro Advogados, the most recognized name in Digital Law in Brazil. Through this alliance, we offer legal solutions aimed at Technology and New Media, Intellectual Property, Innovation, Risk Management, and Information Security. Activities are focused on solving conflicts, both in the extrajudicial, judicial, or arbitration field, especially in matters involving domain disputes, technology contracts, intellectual property, and electronic evidence.

Formed by a team of specialists in Digital Law, Patricia Peck Pinheiro Advogados has more than 11 years of history, acting on issues that challenge Public and Private Organizations, focused on innovation and risk management. To date, there have been more than 1,000 corporate clients in Brazil, the United States, Europe and Latin America, making it one of the largest Brazilian offices in the field.


Through the partnership with SOFTSUL (South-Riograndense Association for Software Development Support), we assist companies affiliated with the organization with labor, civil and tax demands. Companies can hire the office with special conditions, which reinforces our commitment to the information technology sector.


We are a partner law firm of Orchestra® – Soluções Empresariais, an association of enterprise consulting service providers. Orchestra® – Soluções Empresariais is an initiative that seeks to deliver complementary solutions with the principle that a company should be viewed holistically, and that management problems and deficiencies need to be handled by harmonically honed specialists.